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一项旨在加强对负责保护儿童和年轻人的机构的监督的新法律正在通过议会. 就目前的情况来看,人们严重担心该法案一旦生效会有多大效果.

The 监督Tamariki猩猩系统和儿童和青少年委员会2021年法案 被描述为为Tamariki Oranga提供独立监督和投诉监督, and greater advocacy for children’s and young people’s issues generally.

These are laudable goals, 但在向特别委员会听证会提交的403份提案中,有关于该法案的提案, 311 oppose the proposed law changes. Only eight are in favour, with the rest neutral.

The bill’s proposed changes are problematic for a number of reasons. One is that the bill still does not incorporate 将《188bet》纳入国内立法. 这意味着公约权利将成为新西兰奥特利亚法律的一部分.

这样做的一个明显好处是儿童权利,特别是他们的健康权, 住房和食物——将更容易通过国家法院强制执行. 换句话说,让政府为其行动或不行动负责会更容易一些.

Changing roles and responsibilities

问责的问题变得更加重要,因为该法案包含了如何行使权利的重大变化, interests and well-being of young New Zealanders are protected.

它提议建立一个独立的Tamariki猩猩监督员来评估儿童福利机构是如何支持儿童的, young people and their whānau. It will replace the Independent Children’s Monitor, which was established as an independent crown entity in 2018.

新的监督员将是教育部的一个部门机构. This move has been criticised for undermining the independence of the new monitor.

该法案还提议,申诉专员办公室将是唯一负责调查和解决有关适用《188bet》事宜的投诉的机构 Oranga Tamariki Act.


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Reduced powers and weaker oversight

调查权移交给司法特派员并不是对儿童专员的唯一重大改变, 谁的办公室将被儿童和青年委员会取代.

新成立的委员会将继续促进和促进儿童和青年的利益和福祉, but its role is weaker.

In particular, unlike the current Children’s Commissioner, 它将不能就建立儿童投诉机制提供咨询意见,也不能监测投诉的类型.


如果新委员会不能就如何投诉向众多与儿童和年轻人打交道的组织提出建议, 这将大大限制政府对任何未能全面保护儿童权利的行为负责的程度.

Less scrutiny of government actions

The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child has already expressed concern at the system of protecting children’s rights in Aotearoa.

In 2016, 它建议向儿童专员提供足够的资源来接收, investigate and address complaints from children. The new commission would appear to be a step in the opposite direction.

The UN also recommended that Aotearoa New Zealand commit itself to the complaints mechanism of the convention, 允许儿童向联合国委员会投诉他们的权利被侵犯.

The government is examining whether it will sign up to the complaints mechanism.

但如果新成立的儿童和青少年委员会,其对投诉过程的承诺程度似乎值得怀疑, as a body charged with promoting the rights, interests and well-being of New Zealand children, cannot investigate complaints.

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Bad timing

所有这些变化发生的时候,新西兰的年轻人正面临着身体和心理健康下降的问题, educational achievement and living standards, while the high levels of poverty and violence they experience persist.

对许多年轻人来说,多种形式的歧视加剧了这些后果. More can and must be done.


即使政府继续执行(遭到广泛反对的)计划,将有关Tamariki猩猩的监督和调查权只交给独立监察机构和司法特派员, 它必须恢复儿童和青少年委员会的权力,审查政府在保护其他儿童权利方面的有效性.The Conversation

Claire Breen, Professor of Law, University of 188bet

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